Training While Traveling

Training While Traveling
 Traveling and meeting your fitness and nutritional goals is super difficult. 

If you’re on a plane, in a car, your body doesn’t always perform the way it does when you’re on your normal schedule. Your sleep is off, you grab whatever you can throw down your throat on the way to your next meeting. Not Easy!

I travel a lot for my job so I totally understand. 

Here are a few tips that I practice that you might find helpful as you travel. 

  1. Stretch : I do a lot of stretching the week prior to any travel. I always feel better going into those plane rides and car rides if I’ve been stretching all week.
  2. Research your gym choices and don’t worry about RX. Before you leave, go ahead and sign up/pay for the days you plan to drop in. This will keep you motivated to make the time for the gym. When you get to the gym, don’t be so hard on yourself. Listen to your body and know that it might not perform the way it does in your home gym. Also…. REPRESENT ??
  3. Can’t drop in? Plan hotel workouts. Here are some ideas!
4 Rounds:
10 Turkish getups (5 each side) (hold something heavy)
1 min plank
15 leg raises 





No kettle bell? Use a dumbbell or trade it for walking lunges!















No dumbbells? Grab something heavy or double the number with no weight!


4. Pack Snacks & Fiber – I always bring healthy and package snacks along for the ride. Protein bars, fiber powder, protein powder, trail mix, etc. Bring these snacks with you so you aren’t starving and forced to make unhealthy decisions. The fiber will keep things moving along. You’re not yourself when your hangry!

5. Plan time to go to the grocery – I know this might not always be possible, but grabbing fresh fruit, veggies, lunch meat, etc. makes it easy to fuel your body on the go.

6. Drink ALL the water!! This is self explanatory but drinking water keeps you full and makes you body oh so happy!!