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3 classes per week

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Household rates @ $109/mo

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4 private sessions

$150 for couples

Unlimited Access
Includes Unlimited CrossFit classes, Unlimited Barbell Club classes,
Unlimited SWEAT classes, Open Gym Access, and monthly InBody Scans 

$189.00 per month

3 Times per Week CrossFit Classes
$159.00 /month

Household Rate (spouse,child)
$109.00 /month

Unlimited SWEAT
$129.00 /month

Barbell Club Membership
3 classes per week
$129.00 /month

Open Gym Membership
gym management approval required 

$129.00 per month

Foundations/Onboarding Classes
$100 per individual, $150 per couple


Class Pack Packages for CrossFit and SWEAT – available!
*3 Month Contract required for Membership Packages
*30 day notice required for cancellation of membership

What is CrossFit

Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of WEIGHTLIFTINGGYMNASTICS, and High Intensity CARDIO. There isn’t a strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a greater DIVERSITY of tools, modalities, and drills. The purpose is to create General Physical Preparedness (GPP), meaning you are PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. Whether training to climb a mountain, staying fit in your off season, or wanting to carry ALL your groceries in one trip and look better in spandex, we want you to be PROUD of your fitness in whatever you do.