Abs Abs Abs

Abs Abs Abs

Building core/ab strength is beneficial for many purposes:

  • midline stability through all general movements
  • proper bracing and core strength secures your spine and helps you lift heavier
  • physique goals (50% of having visible abs requires having small percentage of body-fat which can be achieved through a clean diet)

Abs are not all for show – whether you’re lean enough to see them or not, a strong core can not only help you move better and be healthier in the gym, but it can save your spine and help your posture and the way you move day-in and day-out.

Also, they’re real fun to have around swimsuit season. And it’s okay to want to see something for all of your hard work. Because unless you were born perfectly cut and lean, it takes a lot of self-control in the kitchen and hard work in the gym to achieve these results.

So cut out the extra sugar and processed foods and start adding in core workouts to your weekly regiment. Here’s some of current favorites moves that you may not see regularly, but work all areas of your abdominals.

1. Plank dips are great for targeting your obliques. Add them into your workout as a finisher, do 2-3 sets of 15 on each side.



2a. Switch it up on the rower and use the seat for pike-ups.

Just make sure to not let your lower back sag when you go back down into the plank position – stay tight and remember your safe hollow body position. Do a buy-in or buy-out of 30-50 reps, or add in sets of 10 to a workout.

2b. Scale this movement by just curling your knees into your elbows.



3. Hanging L-sits force you to utilize your lower abdominals and hip flexors. Cash-in or buy-out of a workout with a cumulative 3 minutes of this hold, or add it into a circuit workout.

Please do not overdo your training. Sports addiction is a real thing and many people do not realize the intensity, frequency and duration of your training sessions are detrimental to your health.” states health professional from Addiction Helper.